Sunday, August 11, 2019

Prada Brand Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Prada Brand Management - Assignment Example As detailed from its actual output, with Prada there is a need for the combination of creativity, innovation, fashion and fresh idea of what prestige is all about. This shows the target market niche how Prada seeks to be differentiated. The brand believes that there could be no limit to a man’s imagination, leading to the emancipation of actual product that suits the need to be updated with the latest trends in fashion designs. Now that exactly what makes this brand cool. For Prada, variety is necessary, but the bottom line of it comes with the idea of the culture of fashion, creativity, prestige, and innovation. Combining these ideas produces a cool fashion with luxury and elegance, exactly what Prada has done for years. ...â€Å"The Prada brand targets an international customer base that is modern, sophisticated, attuned to stylistic innovations, and expects craftsmanship of the highest quality.† Prada also expresses the fundamental idea of exclusivity as it promotes the benefits of redefining the norms and styles and unparalleled craftsmanship. These promote essential values that are actually unique to Prada, making it remarkably cool from the subjective standpoint of someone else. What might have made Prada one of the coolest brands in Europe is its ability to produce something essential that is new at the right time, exactly when there are prevailing needs for it. Something cool from this point of view is the ability to create latest and fresh innovation that has yet to explore the prevailing market needs. Prada is good at doing this stuff and which is a vital activity that it masters through time. Prada may exactly be the coolest brand in the fashion industry today, but that never stops then to grow more from there. The brand has now become one of the respected brands and benchmark for fashion around the world. Why wait for long? Try Prada today, for your need of a cool fashion with an edge and a touch of luxury and elegance.  

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